Services & Prices

All fees are subject change based on the project. All parties will agree to and sign a contract before any work takes place. 

Wedding/Event Photography (8 hour event, non-exclusive rights) $750 flat fee
Weddings/Event Photography (8 hour event, exclusive rights) $1000
Retouching $10 per photo
Photoshop Editing $100 per hour
Weddings Videos (5-10 minute product) $2500
Wedding Video Photography+Video package (5-10 minute video, 8 hour event, exclusive rights) $3000
Studio Portraits $250 sitting fee (1-2 hours in the studio)
Outside or on-the-scene Portraits $400 sitting fee (1-2 hours)
Green screen studio set rental $200 per hour
Video editing/Special effects $100 per hour (unless otherwise stated in contract)